Size and shape of a natural pool

The size and shape of natural pool, salt water pool and natural pond can be chosen to meet the client’s taste and harmonize with the landscape, without strict requirements.
Each one is different and an adequate project is required for it to work.
We offer a turnkey services for the following: excavations, waterproofing, construction works, drainage, installation of all the necessary technology, supply of all materials, technical compartment, plants for purification, guarantee.
We can also offer:
Project design, Photorealistic renderings and Video.
Design and construction of the garden.

Choosing the site

The natural swimming pool must not be built in low areas where cold air can settle, and it should be situated where the water plants are protected from strong winds.

The different stages in the construction of a natural swimming pool

The swimming area in a natural swimming pool is completely free from water plants, and it is lined with a waterproof membrane. The water plants are situated in the phyto-depurating area under a thin layer of gravel. The banksides that border with the swimming area are shallow and their function is to regenerate the water. The recirculation pump drives the purified water from the regeneration area to the swimming area. The “depuration pond”, measuring about 30% of the swimming area, is built upstream and contains the water plants. A small water fall connects the two basins, providing clean water from an artificial spring. The skimmers collect impurities and natural filters complete the purifying job. Power connection is necessary for the pumps, the filters and the lighting system.


Having a source of water, like a well, a water spring or a rainwater collection system near the area wherethe pond is to be built, greatly helps in saving money. It helps in filling the pond the first time, it is ideal for water replenishment during hot summer monthsand is useful for cleaning.

Plant Maintenance

May is the right time to start checking the plants in the pond, cutting away the dead leaves and removing debris from the bottom that may have collected during the winter.