“Designing Natural swimming pools” – Seminar held by Vera Luciani in St. Petersburg

Progetto biolago

March 12 and 13, 2020

The seminar “Designing Biolakes” will be held by Vera Luciani on March 12 and 13, 2020 in Grafsky per., 9 – St. Petersburg.
The seminar is organized in collaboration with Green Arrow International Center.

Seminar Program:
1) Introduction, differences between a bio-lake and a bio-pool
2) Designing and building a bio-lake
3) Converting traditional swimming pools into bio-lakes or bio-pools
4) Water fountains and bio-lakes
5) Water streams, fountains and water features
6) Water plants, phyto-purification and algae
7) Fauna of the bio-lake
8) Maintenance of the bio-lake
9) Building materials and outdoor items and furniture
10) Landscape
11) Designing the space
12) Water saving
13) Bioengineering
14) Legislative rules
15) Costs
16) Reflections and questions

Academic hours: 20

You can sign up and find more informations online at the following link: