Natural pool among the hills- Marche

Natural pool and garden project

Location: Marche Region Year: 2021
Design and construction: Vera Luciani
Dimensional data: Total surface area: 130 sq.m. Bathing area: 100 sq m. h. from m 0.90 to m 1.50 Phyto-purification area: 30 sq m. h. m 0.50
Bio pool with free forms, built without the use of concrete and purified by the action of aquatic plants and by a closed circuit system. The stone used for the perimeter of the basin, laid ad opus incertum, gives continuity to the entire area; it is also chosen for the connecting steps, for the stream and waterfall, for the entrance staircase to the pool and for the walkways, with irregular-edged slabs set into the gravel.
The owners’ wish was to reduce the environmental and landscape impact of a swimming pool, without giving up a space for swimming and relaxation. The shape of the natural swimming pool, inspired by the soft lines of the hills, has organic forms that fit well into the context, taking advantage of several floors and levels. The aquatic plants naturally ensure the purification of water and over time create a small oasis of biodiversity, a place of well-being for humans and the environment.