Decorative Pond in Chianti

Progetto con lista specie piante

Location: Chianti (FI)
Year: 2019
Dimensions: total area 200 square meters, average depth70 cm
Design and construction: Vera Luciani with Officine Marchesi 1815

In Chianti, among woods, vineyards and olive trees that draw the most beautiful views of Tuscany, we created a purified pond with aquatic plants designed for meditation. An area of the garden no longer in use, which housed a concrete tennis court from the 1960s, was transformed into a space to be lived in again, with a wonderful view of the valley.
The owners’ wish was to be able to create a pond within the estate intended for meditation. The proposal was that of a biolago with a sinuous shape, inspired by the soft lines of the Tao, formed by spirals that wind around each other, with the water that in the flow between the two extremes expresses the concept of constant movement, in a universe conceived in non-static but dynamic terms, recalling the universal harmony of the cosmos.
The construction of this pond required excavation, soil modeling and waterproofing, without using cement; To complement the project, a part of the garden was also transformed with colorful plants borders. In particular, remodeling of the escarpment with soil consolidation, containing wooden palisades and planting plants, with shrubs not too high to leave the view of the surrounding landscape unobstructed.