From an old tank to a natural pool – Lucca

Progetto biolago Lucca Vera Luciani

Location: Lucca
Year: 2021
Design and construction: Vera Luciani
Dimensional data
Surface area: 84 square metres in total. Bathing area: 16 square metres – h 1.15m. Phyto-purification area: 46 sq m – h 0.70 m

Recovery of an old water collection tank and transformation into a bathing pool, equipped with a water filtration and recirculation system, purified by means of aquatic plants and a specific technical system. The intervention consisted of waterproofing the basin, building the technical system and planting the aquatic plants. The special feature of this natural pool is that the planted area is larger than the swimming area.
The organic pool was inserted into the context as if it had always existed in its present form. A rock-like coating was chosen for the waterproofing, which gives the water natural reflections. The gravel, the substrate in which the plants are inserted, contributes to giving the basin a non-artificial character. Dark ash-coloured slabs of local stone were used for the walls and edge of the basin and for the paving of the garden.