Glamping in Tuscany

Masterplan progetto

The park is inserted in the Tuscan landscape, linked to it in a constant perceptive confrontation, with functional choices appropriate to the condition of the place, separate but in relation to the scenario of which it is part.
The green system is articulated with interconnected elements of particular aesthetic and botanical qualities, dedicated to the various functions: many are plants of the places and some naturalised to set, shade, shelter, protect, flower and perfume, in short to contribute to the wellbeing of the Guests.

A wide range of species that adapt well to any situation in our environments, to be used as individual specimens, but even more often arranged in small groups. The borders, with a predominance of Mediterranean massifs, non-invasive but discreetly arranged, fill empty spaces with the liveliness of berries, with long-lasting and hardy varieties.

Natural pond
Offering guests the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, in a pleasant, ever-attractive and ever-changing setting, with an archipelago of small islands that will create a new, lively ecosystem, rich in blossoms in the spring and summer season, a place of well-being where man and the environment can meet.
The small waterfalls create movement and together with natural stones and pebbles, irregularly arranged to crown the stretch of water, ensure naturalness and continuity with the other elements of the park. The paths for crossing the pond are created by means of footbridges suspended over the water.

The Wood/Glass Cottages are dressed in discreet green (Ash oxifyl and Field Maple), slender breakaway volumes with see-through effects to ensure privacy and shade.

At the back is the Amphitheatre, for communal gathering, music and entertainment, in an extra-ordinary context of interaction with the elements of nature, with a strong focus on the perception of the surroundings. With tiers of wooden planks still shaded by ornamental mulberry trees, look at a grove of cork trees.