Natural Swimming Pool in Volterra

Progetto biolago balneabile a Volterra

Location: Volterra (Tuscany)
Year: 2015
Design and construction: Vera Luciani
Dimensional data
Total dimensions: 211sqm
Bathing area: 126sqm 7x 18 x 1.5 m
Phyto-purification area: 76sqm

The natural swimming pool has been inserted in an estate developed over the centuries around a 13th century Franciscan church. An area previously used as a water collection area, fed by mountain springs, was identified for the project.
The dimensions of the pre-existing pool, measuring 211 square metres, were maintained, while the shapes were changed from rectangular to free, to harmoniously fit in with the context.
The intervention included the installation of the technical system and a new covering of sand-coloured waterproofing cloth, which gives clear and natural reflections and plays of light.
As part of the reservoir renovation, a bathing area was created, intended for swimming and relaxation, where it is possible to swim freely, measuring m. 7 X 18 and 1.5 m deep, completed by a special area for children, measuring 23 square metres with a height of 50 cm, therefore smaller in size and depth, to guarantee them the thrill of bathing without risk and to enjoy a water game, also useful for maintaining oxygenation. Approximately 53 square metres have been dedicated to the phyto-purification area, in an area separated from the bathing area by a dividing wall.
The choice and positioning of plants is fundamental for the perfect functionality of the organic pool: among the botanical species used here are Nimphaea, Iris, Lobelia, Lythrum salicaria and Water Mint. Bank and shore plants complete the bacin, which extends into the surrounding landscape.
The project has produced an excellent naturalistic and landscape result: enjoyable in all seasons, the natural pool provides a unique experience, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, which is also beautiful to contemplate lying on a sun lounger or sitting on the bench, positioned near the small waterfall.