Natural Swimming pool in Cambodia

Location: Siem Reap Wat Bo Village, Cambogia, Sud-Est asiatico

Year: 2017

Project: arch. Andrea di Stefano

Construction: Vera Luciani and Officine Marchesi 1815

The Natural Swimming Pool, with a total size of about 60 square metres, included a purification area with tropical aquatic plants, connected to the bathing pool by a closed circuit system. The natural swimming pool is part of a larger project by arch. Andrea di Stefano, which involved the landscaping of the garden with the addition of plants such as banano (Musa), mango (Mangifera indica), coconut (Cocos nucifera), passion fruit (Passiflora edulis), frangipani (Plumeria) jasmine (Jasminum), etc. The deck, as well as the walkways and relaxation areas, are made of teak wood, with sun loungers also made of wood, shaded and relax areas, a shower and massage area for guests.
The selection of aquatic plants
The choice of plants took into account climate and latitude. Cambodia has a tropical and humid climate, mainly influenced by the monsoons, due to the proximity of the equator, temperature variations are rather modest, with minimum temperatures of around 21°C and maximum temperatures of around 35°C.
The plants used for the purification tank have the function of oxygenating and shading the water, as well as an aesthetic value thanks to the leaves that grow luxuriantly and give wonderful blooms such as the lotus flower (Nelumbo) and tropical water lilies (Ninphaea), with fragrant, brightly coloured flowers. Other plants used include Typha, Thalia dealbata etc.
Lotus flower
The lotus flower (Nelumbo), known since antiquity and also cultivated for food in Asia, is associated with the symbolic content linked to the Buddhist religion, representing purity. It is a floating aquatic plant that gives wonderful blooms, with showy white, pink or yellow corollas. Its symbolic meaning is linked to the concept of spiritual elevation, such as rebirth and well-being. It also gives its name to a yoga asana, the lotus position, ideal for meditation. One of the most beautiful flowers that bloom in our natural pools.