Stone biopool with waterfalls

Biopiscina dal drone

Location: Tuscany
Year: 2022
Project and construction: Vera Luciani

This natural swimming pool, built among the Tuscan hills, is part of a restoration of the ancient Megognano Estate, with the aim of enhancing the area. The basin has a total size of 112 sq.m. , with an 84 sq.m. area for swimming and a 28 sq.m. phyto-purification area. Water cascades down from the plant pond through three cantilevered waterfalls and circulates through a closed-circuit technical system. Characterizing the body of water is the wall that connects the two areas, which is entirely clad in stone. The basin, made without the use of concrete, is waterproofed with a coating of the same shade as the rock, which creates on the water mirror plays of light in accordance with the surrounding landscape. The corner access staircase consists of 5 stone steps, up to 1.40 m, constant depth of the pool.